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The primary objective of the LongRec project is the persistent, reliable and trustworthy long-term archival of digital information records with emphasis on availability and use of the information.

LongRec is a three year research project (2007-2009) partly funded by the Norwegian Research Council. The project constitutes the Norwegian team of the InterPARES 3 project. LongRec addresses several research challenges, each of which is assigned a short name for simplicity: records transition survival (READ), long-term usage (FIND), preservation of semantic value (UNDERSTAND), preservation of evidential value (TRUST) as well as legal, social, and cultural framework (COMPLIANCE). Each research challenge is addressed by:

  • General studies compiling state of the art and best practice of the area.
  • Research on selected sub-topics, performed by the research partners and by one PhD student for each research challenge.
  • One or more case studies with the LongRec case partners.
  • Studies on opportunities for products and services with the commercialization partners.

See also LongRec factsheet on NR's web site: http://www.nr.no/pages/dart/project_flyer_longrec

Please note that the project is finished and the final report can be downloaded here: 2010_LongRec.pdf (64MB)

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